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I am

21st year into the 21st century; into the month of May, the 10th day: a Monday.

Introducing an enriching 21st century digital anthology of 16 original philosophical works of fiction composed and compiled by Richard Mc Sweeney of Ireland; a self-designated Planet Earth philosopher of the natural kind.

"Philosophical fiction: fictional literature that enjoys carefree-ly philosophising on anything it so wishes; on anything it so wishes without letting itself be bound by any philosophical system, logic or method." RMcS

The anthology would be ideal for throwing some light on various philosophical concerns of the individual; encouraging group discussion and inviting scholarly exploration.

Browse below or go direct to the Google Play Store where individual eBooks have been on sale since early January 2021.

Introducing my latest ongoing writing/audio project:
Out of Eire: A reflection on the mind inspired by a Taoist text: The [Chuang-Tzu]
Commenced: Wednesday, 17th March 2021.

The Visions of The Shepherd
Exploring the visionary claims of a 13th century Christian saint: St. Diovis of Illyria. A case study on the Phenomenon of Private Revelation.
ISBN: 9781716618956
Pub. September 2020

Rich Voy Beinecke's Dream
Paperback 138 pages; full-colour.
ISBN 9780359933389
Pub. December 2019

Solaris Hibernia
A Philosophising Beau-Ideal
ISBN 9780359609529
Pub: May 2019

The I be The Me
Earnestly commit to living a moral life
ISBN 9780359270095
Pub: Dec. 2018

As Children Of Ireland
Original Stories for Ages Eight to Twelve
ISBN 9781365444685
Pub. 2016

Abiding In Bobbio
Monaco Colombano Europaggio
ISBN 9781329382237
Pub: 2015

Visitant Eve
Spirituality, Philosophy & Romance
ISBN 9781304904423
Pub: 2014

Bradawn Yeats
A Khalil Gibran tribute to W. B. Yeats
ISBN 9781304816436
Pub: 2014

A Green Desert Father
Philosophical converse of an Ard Ri of Ireland
ISBN: 9781365452338
Pub: 2013
To view an online image supplement visit: Wiseoneder

Bridging Al-Serenities
Sacred lands of Eire & Ebla
ISBN 9781365581472
Pub: 2017, 2nd ed. as hdbk. 1st ed. as pabk in 2010

Unto Lineage Royal
A Midsummer's Dream
ISBN 9781409276388
Pub: 2009

Innkeeper's Fire (Vol.I)
Sightings of a sacred hearth
ISBN 9781847995513
Pub: 2008

Innkeeper's Fire (Vol.II)
Sightings of a sacred hearth
ISBN 9781847995520
Pub: 2008

Hearing in the Write
Long lines of ripping speculations
ISBN 9781847992932
Pub: 2007

Generations Reaching
Mythologies in the making of Tallow
ISBN 9781847991102
Pub: 2007

A Jesus of Nazareth
Closing the book on Jesus content
ISBN 9781847990303
Pub: 2007

Myriam of Lebanon
A lyrical philosophy of ambiance
steadfastly established on
Gibran Khalil Gibran's The Prophet

ISBN 9781847536730
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