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20th year into the 21st century; into the month of January, the 16th day: a Saturday.

Introducing the fascinating and charming literary worlds of Richard Mc Sweeney; a self-designated Planet Earth philosopher of the natural kind.



New book!
Exploring the visionary claims
of a 13th century Christian saint:
St. Diovis of Illyria.
A case study on the Phenomenon
of Private Revelation.

Binding Hardcover. Pages 378.
Published September 2020.


Kindle I-XII. Pub: August 2019


Paperback 138 pages; full-colour. Pub: December 2019

Solaris Hibernia
A Philosophising Beau-Ideal
ISBN 9780359609529 (Pub: May 2019)

The I be The Me
Earnestly commit to living a moral life
ISBN 9780359270095 (Pub: Dec. 2018)

As Children Of Ireland
Original Stories for Ages Eight to Twelve
ISBN 9781365444685 (Pub. 2016)

Abiding In Bobbio
Monaco Colombano Europaggio
ISBN 9781329382237 (Pub: 2015)

Visitant Eve
Spirituality, Philosophy & Romance
ISBN 9781304904423 (Pub: 2014)

Bradawn Yeats
A Khalil Gibran tribute to W. B. Yeats
ISBN 9781304816436 (Pub: 2014)

A Green Desert Father
Philosophical converse of an Ard Ri of Ireland
(Doesn't come with an ISBN. Pub: 2013)

To view an online image supplement visit: Wiseoneder

Bridging Al-Serenities
Sacred lands of Eire & Ebla
ISBN 9781365581472 (Pub: 2017, 2nd ed. as hdbk. 1st ed. as pabk in 2010)

Unto Lineage Royal
A Midsummer's Dream
ISBN 9781409276388 (Pub: 2009)

Innkeeper's Fire(Vol.I)
Sightings of a sacred hearth
ISBN 9781847995513 (Pub: 2008)

Innkeeper's Fire(Vol.II)
Sightings of a sacred hearth
ISBN 9781847995520 (Pub: 2008)

Hearing in the Write
Long lines of ripping speculations
ISBN 9781847992932 (Pub: 2007)

Generations Reaching
Mythologies in the making of Tallow
ISBN 9781847991102 (Pub: 2007)

A Jesus of Nazareth
Closing the book on Jesus content
[Not quite so as shown by two other books above: Visitant Eve (Pub: 2014) & The I be The Me (Pub: 2018]
ISBN 9781847990303 (Pub: 2007)

Myriam of Lebanon
A lyrical philosophy of ambiance steadfastly established on Gibran Khalil Gibran's The Prophet
ISBN 9781847536730 (Pub: 2007)




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