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A self-originator who enjoys expressing his ideas and insights: his philosophical fiction in a charmingly personal prose-poetic style.

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"Non Human Entities"- An Artificial Intelligence Perspective -

"Almanac of Promptings" -Original Imperatives for any Day of Any Year -


"Quo Vadis 19" - Questioning and Allegorising on Things at Hand during the Lockdown Year of 2021 -


"The Visions of the Shepherd" - Exploring the visionary claims of a 13th century Christian saint: St. Diovis of Illyria -


"Rich Voy Beinecke's Dream" - Things You Have Never Heard Tell Before -


"Solaris Hibernia" - A Philosophising Beau-Ideal ~ Leabhar: An Scéal Fada -


"The I Be The Me" - Jesus of Sepphoris: A Post-Resurrection Testimony -


"As Children of Ireland" - Original Stories for ages 8-12 composed by a Nuptial hermit of the Mystical isle of Éire -


"Abiding in Bobbio" - Monk Colombano Europaggio -


"Visitant Eve" - Only the Free-hearted can Appreciate the Marvel of this Nonpareil Love -


"Bradawn Yeats" - Kibran Khalil Gibran posthumously paying tribute to William Butler Yeats -


"A Green Desert Father" - Philosophical Converse of an Árd Rí of Ireland -


"Bridging Al-Serenities" - The Sacred lands of Éire & Ebla -


"Unto Lineage Royal" - A Midsummer’s Dream – Lyrical dialogues with Self -


"Innkeeper's Fire" - Sightings of a Sacred Hearth -
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"Hearing in the Write" - Safeguarding the Spontaneity of Wondrously Uninhibited Speculations -


"Generations Reaching" - A Time Barque of the Eternal Ocean – Mythologies in the Making -


"A Jesus of Nazareth" - An attempt to Restore to the Bright – the Light, the Memory, and the power of Insight, Dream, and Intuition -

"Myriam of Lebanon" - Philosopher-poetess from the Phoenician port city of Byblos -

A Misty Night Canticle
A collection of prose and poetry that is inspired by the differences and similarities in Eastern and Western philosophy and ways of thinking.
Published by MINERVA PRESS (No longer publishing)
195 Knightsbridge, London SW7 1RE, Year 1998.

Oriental Mystique
A collection of prose and poetry that is inspired by the differences and similarities in Eastern and Western philosophy and ways of thinking.Funcheon Press [Printers: Litho Press Ltd., Midleton, County Cork] Year 1993



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- Note -
In 2018, Richard either permanently deleted or deactivated his Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts.
He has not been missing them in the slightest, even though he had been with them for a number of years:
had hundreds of followers, shared loads of photographs and penned thousands of tweets.

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